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When it comes to accommodation in the US Virgin Islands, there is no shortage of hotels and boutique inns to choose from. There are many places to stay when you come to the small town of St. Thomas, Va., just south of Charleston.

If you're looking for a budget in St. John, check out this colorful 10-room guest house, located right on the beach. If you want a more upscale glamping experience, you can rent a tent in the town of Caneel Bay, which is just a short ferry ride away. Accommodation ranges from beachfront tents in a national park to luxury old buildings - money in CaneselBay, a nearby ferry and even a private beach resort with private cabins.

The best full-service resort to bet on is St. Croix, where most hotels have fewer than 200 rooms. This resort in the US Virgin Islands offers stunning natural attractions with 90 beach rooms hidden among swaying palm trees and beautiful tropical gardens. This resort has everything you could wish for from a holiday in the Virgin Islands and has everything an adult would love: a private beach, private cabins, a beach hotel and even a wellness centre.

We recommend the St. Thomas Hotels to give guests a taste of local history and culture at an affordable price. The French reef, which has been at the forefront of luxury full service for decades, is recommended for its great food, excellent service and fantastic views.

St. Thomas is often celebrated as the sailing capital of the Caribbean and is still a popular destination today. The island has a rich history of sailing, fishing, tourism and tourism, as well as excellent food and culture.

If you are looking for a private family vacation where you can really immerse yourself, the Chenay Bay Beach Resort is perfect if you are not a fan of really huge hotels. St. Croix may be one of the less visited islands in the area, but that is proving to be a big advantage. If you want great luxury, you should visit the Grand Cayman Resort, a $1,500 night resort on the island's main island, or the $2,000-an-hour Grand Cote d'Ivoire Resort. If you're looking for a great family resort in Stroud and aren't a fan of a really big one, Chenays Bay beach resort is perfect for you.

St. Thomas Hotels recommends Secret Harbour, a $1,000-an-hour hotel in St. Croix 'capital, Stroud. Although it is good value for money, the proximity to the airport noise means guests can enjoy beachfront accommodation at affordable prices, but we recommend it for the good food, great views and great service.

The hideaway is tucked away on a hillside and overlooks the River St. Croix and the island of Saint Thomas, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. From Pillsbury Sound, the beach hotel is visible to the north, south, east, west and west, with beautiful views.

Whether you are diving or on a quiet beach, this is one of the best places to stay in the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is the most populous island and there are a number of guest houses on the island, but also other islands that consist of BVI (British Virgin Islands). Water Island is different from the main islands, although the population is not much more than 200. This means that it is often considered part of St. Thomas and is a good place to dive or enjoy quiet beaches.

If you want to delve deeper into the experience of the U.S. Virgin Islands, finding a budget hotel in St. John is a little harder. Divers usually rent private houses or go the route with the bed and breakfast, but if you are looking for a deeper dive - like experience - you need to look elsewhere.

First of all, you probably have to fly from Antigua to Miami, and if you can't fly to St. John, you probably have to fly back to the US Virgin Islands. If you want to secure a good spot in the US Virgin Islands, do yourself a favor and choose one of the hotel recommendations here. Once you have selected your hotel recommendation here, you will take the ferry to and from St. Thomas.

If the island is a great option for you, don't miss out on one of the best hotels in the St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. These low-cost options on the Virgin Islands hotel market include the Divi, offering all sorts of elegant and discreet experiences.

Bunker Hill Hotel is one of the best hotels in the St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, and Galleon House offers stunning views of the harbor of St. Thomas.

If you are looking for the best views of St. Thomas and the world of entertainment to be found on the island, you will not be disappointed. Frenchman's Cove is better maintained and is located in the heart of the Saint Thomas US Virgin Islands, just a few miles from the beach. First of all, you can enjoy the magnificent views from your room at Bunker Hill Hotel and Galleon House.

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