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I love seeing the U.S. Virgin Islands in the spotlight, and this week we saw properties on the beach bargain hunting on HGTV. In addition to the usual couples who move to paradise, a St. Thomas native hosts "Put Stays on Put" and a real estate agent who is also a native of St. Thomian.

St. Thomas stands out from the rest of the archipelago due to its dominant hilly landscape. The 31 square mile island is hilly and the houses on the hillsides nestle deep into the island's landscape, but when you are in St. John you can hire a car and explore the beautiful 26 square mile island.

There are several types of real estate on St. Croix, including residential, commercial, residential and commercial properties, as well as vacation homes. There is a wide range of StCroix properties, ranging from beach houses to villas, condos and ports in the mountains. It offers a number of different types of properties where you can build your dream home on an area of 84 square kilometers.

When it comes to selling condos in St. Thomas, you'll also find a wide range of waterfront properties that offer buyers a range of prices and lifestyles. If you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle in this beautiful island setting, then a beach house, villa or even a mountain cottage may be perfect for you. It is up to you and your choice whether you want to enjoy it as much as possible or not.

The Virgin Islands simply have a way of attracting people and we are happy to help people find their dream. We welcome you to St. Thomas because we help you make this island your home and love to help people find what they dream of.

Property opportunities are very limited and existing homes are getting a premium as the typical buyer looks for a property that will bring in income so that he can spend more time in St. John and finally retire here.

For information about getting married in the Virgin Islands, please visit our Island Villa Wedding Guide. For more information about St. Thomas, including the activities you can do on the island, click here. If your budget is tight and you prefer the rough and tumultuous conditions in St. John, you'll need to visit us to learn more about getting married in the Virgin Islands.

We are a local and experienced team in St. Croix who can help you with all of this, and we will also help you with any questions you may have. When it comes to the details of your wedding, such as the location of the wedding, the time of day or weather conditions, look no further. Coldwell Banker is the only real estate agent in the Virgin Islands with experience in all aspects of wedding planning and planning.

Enjoy the tranquility of a largely commercial - free island while having the convenience of developing St. Thomas by boat or ferry just 10 minutes away. Nannysbe is a fully insured organisation with over 30 years experience in the Virgin Islands real estate market.

The US Virgin Islands are also known for their glitzy harbour town of St. Thomas and are considered the Blue Marlin Capital of the World. It has a fascinating ocean view and has been generously seasoned by the world's leading fishing companies, including Jost Van Dyke. Country lovers can enjoy the tranquility of a largely commercial - free island, while having the convenience of reaching the island by boat or ferry in just 10 minutes. St. Thomas has a variety of amenities including golf courses, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.

Settled by the Dutch in the mid-16th century, St. Thomas is the home of the Reformed St. Thomas Church, founded in 1660, which still enjoys a thriving congregation today. You can choose to leave your villa to explore the small but beautiful Caribbean capital, which has enjoyed its share of island travellers since the 16th century. St. Croix, the largest of the Virgin Islands, is a popular tourist destination with a population of about 1,000 people. The East End of the island is the cultural centre of the city by day, but acts as a nightlife hotspot by night and is famous for its nightlife.

St. John is unique, notes National Geographic, with only 4,500 residents living here year-round, making it a tightly knit community. It is owned by the National Park Service, which has protected the island from development by two-thirds and offers its own national parks, beaches, golf courses and other amenities.

More About Saint Thomas

More About Saint Thomas