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Shopping is one of the best things to do when visiting St. Thomas and shopping in St. Thomas is an experience not to be missed. Not only is it a great opportunity to find unique jewelry that will remind you of your time in the Virgin Islands, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore the local shops. Here are some of our top picks for the most popular places to shop at a stroke while you're here.

We have compiled this list of selected galleries and shops that stand out from the usual brands and jewelry brands. If you have any questions about shopping in St. Thomas or any of the other shopping guides in the Virgin Islands, please call us or email us or contact us on Facebook or Twitter where we will find out what you are looking for and how to shop efficiently.

This special jeweler is one of the cruise ships that dock in St. Thomas and are simply not complete without a visit. Moreover, it is a prize - a winning stop on the list of the most popular cruise ships in the Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas is also the best place in the Caribbean to discount porcelain, but remember that you can often buy U.S. brands on the mainland for 25% off the retail price. In May, all US citizens (including children) return to the US Virgin Islands with $1,600 in customs duties - free goods that, unlike any other Caribbean island, are a free border.

If you are a true shopaholic and want to make the most of your shopping experience in St. Thomas, consider a Private Sightseeing and Shopping Tour as this is a great option for cruise ships that want to shop and explore the island. Book your trip to the islands in and find out what you can find for free in the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean over the next few weeks.

If you want to take a piece of the island home or a loved one, St. Thomas has plenty of shopping for gifts and souvenirs. If this is the only shopping experience visitors experience, we recommend the St. Thomas Best Shopping. Those who come to Saint Thomas on a cruise ship should stay at the top of all the shops, including the most popular shopping destinations such as the shops on the beach, shopping malls and restaurants. This allows guests on the island to either take leisurely walks or go shopping in the port of St. Thomas.

You will enjoy the place where you can find a luxury selection of jewelry and watches that is unparalleled in the United States and the world.

Shopping at the Cruise Port of St. Thomas is recommended as an upscale shopping center that offers cruise passengers who want to shop further from the dock better - than - class shopping. Cruise ships calling at St. Thomas have access to a variety of shops, restaurants, hotels and other amenities. Shopping at the cruise port of Saint Thomas is also recommended because authentic, locally made goods are sold on the steps of the Vendors Plaza.

St. Thomas Best Shopping is recommended because the co-op offers Caribbean themed crafts and memorabilia. Besides the fact that you are simply stunning, you are best known for having it in and around St. Thomas. So you can take home a piece of the beautiful Virgin Islands and your Saint Thomas shopping is truly exceptional.

To truly experience all that St. Thomas has to offer, you will have to leave Charlotte Amalie and visit the other attractions of the island, but you can also find some of the best shopping on St. Thomas in the Port of Saint Thomas. Shopping Cruise to Port Stonehenge is recommended as it is an important part of your shore visit.

The fastest and easiest way to experience St. Thomas from the water is by ferry to one of the least populated and inhabited U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Hop on the St. Thomas Skyride and enjoy dramatic views of our Caribbean or take the ferry from Charlotte Amalie to Port Stonehenge on the other side of Saint Thomas and then back to Port Thomas.

Order a banana daiquiri and spend the afternoon on the observation deck overlooking the Virgin Islands. Others can enjoy delicious daquiris on a mountain top or go to one of the many restaurants and bars in Port Stonehenge, St. Thomas, to order delicious food.

Cruise goers are in luck, as some of the best shopping in St. Thomas is in Port Stonehenge, the largest city in the Virgin Islands and a popular tourist destination. If you visit St. Thomas to stop on your cruise, there are duty-free purchases and treats for you and others. We recommend StThomas Best Shopping to offer an escape from boutique shopping for a day trip to one of our most popular shopping destinations on the island.

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